Royal Host "Apple Mango ~ Mellow Apple Mango ~"

Royal Host will release all 4 seasonal desserts "Apple Mango ~ Mellow Apple Mango ~" on May 12th (excluding some stores). Sales time is from 10:30. Scheduled to be sold until early July.

Uses apple mango, which has a beautiful bright red skin color among mangoes. It is a dessert that you can enjoy a rich aroma and sweetness, moderate acidity, juicy and smooth texture.

Apple Mango Brulee Parfait

A parfait perfect for early summer, with the rich taste of apple mango, the aroma of crispy brulee and salted caramel ice cream, and the sweet and sour taste of passion fruit sauce. The price is 1,078 yen (tax included, same below).

Royal Host "Apple Mango Brulee Parfait"

Apple mango pie a la mode

A crispy pie with apple mango, whipped cream and custard sandwiched between passion fruit sauce and nuts. Enjoy while breaking the pie with vanilla ice cream. The price is 968 yen.

Royal Host "Apple Mango Pie A La Mode"

Apple Mango Parfait

A parfait where you can enjoy the juicy and melty texture of apple mango and the rich aroma. The price is 968 yen.

Royal Host "Apple Mango Parfait"

Yogurt Germany

Seasonal "Apple Mango Yogurt Germany" with a refreshing taste. Apple mango with mango sorbet, cassis ice cream and passion fruit sauce. The price is 1,078 yen.

Royal Host "Apple Mango Yogurt Germanie"

* The mango used in mango sorbet and mango sauce is not "Apple Mango".
* Some stores have different prices, sales periods, and sales times.
* Sales start and end times may differ from the schedule depending on the harvest status of ingredients.
* Dessert To go delivery will not be sold.