Big Boy “Home Party Plate”

Three types of "Home Party Plates" for take-out have appeared at "Big Boy" and "Victoria Station". Scheduled to be sold from April 29th to May 9th. We are accepting reservations until May 9th.

First of all, "Hand-made hamburger party plate" contains "Hand-made hamburger 200g (7.05oz)" as the name suggests, and also comes with "Cajun fried chicken", "fried shrimp", "fried chicken" and "fried potato".

Next, the "Direct Fire Grilled Chicken Party Plate" comes with "Cajun Fried Chicken", "Crab Cream", "Croquette", "Fried Chicken" and "French Fries", including "Direct Fire Grilled Chicken 200g (7.05oz)".

And "5 kinds of flavored fried chicken" is packed with 5 kinds of flavored fried chicken of "normal" "Cajun" "Habanero Mayo" "red spicy" "maple".

Big Boy “Home Party Plate”

All three types will come with one "Crispy Potato" for free with advance reservations by April 27th. The selling price is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Hand-made hamburger party plate 1,706 yen ・ Direct fire grilled chicken party plate 1,598 yen ・ 5 kinds of flavored fried chicken 1,382 yen