Bugs Farm "Cricket Ramen"

The straight noodle type instant noodles "Korogi Ramen [Soy Sauce] for 2 servings (with powdered soup)" using European house cricket powder will be released on April 22 at the insect food online shopping site Bugs Farm. The price is 780 yen (tax included).

The act of eating insects as they are is still apt to be avoided. Therefore, by blending it with ramen, which is also a Japanese soul food, "Cricket Ramen" is finished so that it can be eaten deliciously by reducing resistance to insects.

In addition, cricket powder has a fishmeal-like flavor and a unique earthy aroma. By adding it to the soy sauce-based soup, the taste becomes deeper and more complex.

The whole body of crickets is edible without being thrown away. About 70% of cricket powder is protein. It contains not only iron and calcium but also zinc, vitamin B12, essential amino acids BCAA, omega3, chitin, etc., and it is enough for about 30 noodles (100g (3.53oz)) and about 20 for soup (1 bag). Contains equivalent powdered crickets.

The cooking method is as follows.

1 Boil plenty of water in a pan, add the noodles, and boil for 3 minutes.
2 Put the powdered soup base in a bowl and pour about 400 to 450 ml of hot water to dissolve it well.
3 Drain the boiled noodles well and transfer to a bowl to mix with the soup.
4 Add roast pork, vegetables, menma, etc. to your liking.

* Since the outer shell of insects contains chitin, please refrain from those who are allergic to shellfish such as shrimp and crabs.