Coco melon cake from Kochi prefecture melon "Princess Nina"

A limited number of "Coco Melon Cakes from Kochi Prefecture Mask Melon" Princess Nina "" will be available from Seijo Ishii. Reservations will be accepted from April 21st to May 13th and will be delivered between May 3rd and 16th.

One of the highest peak brands of Seijo Ishii homemade desserts, "Chef Pre", which is manufactured after receiving an order. The melon, which is the origin of Seijo Ishii, has been selected as an ingredient, and it has been announced that one whole melon, "Princess Nina," which is said to be of the highest quality among the melons produced in Kochi Prefecture, will be used.

A new pastry chef who is the creator of Seijo Ishii's homemade desserts "Premium Cheesecake" and "Mo Mocha Char". A cake with cream, sponge, and bavarois layered is trapped inside the melon.

The cream is made from pure fresh cream from Hokkaido with a milk fat content of 47% so that the rich taste of milk enhances the freshness of the melon. Melon puree, which uses melon juice and pulp, and coconut puree are added to it, and it is devised to bring out the characteristics of melon and adjust the overall balance.

The sponge has a high proportion of egg yolk and is moisturized with honey, which is balanced with the juiciness and flavor of melon. The upper layer is decorated with bavarois scented with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, which is characterized by a deep taste and a gentle scent, and melon balls made from pulp. It is tailored so that the gorgeous appearance jumps in the moment you remove the lid of the melon.

Coco melon cake from Kochi prefecture melon "Princess Nina"

If you want to eat it without cutting it, add your favorite fruit after tasting the cake inside and pour champagne to enjoy it as a melon-scented fruit punch.

If you order from Seijo Ishii's "Store Pickup WEB Reservation Service", you can pick it up at a total of 93 stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Gunma, Tochigi, and Shizuoka Prefecture. The selling price is 6,500 yen (tax included).