Hotto Motto "Bibimbap where you can eat vegetables"

"Bibimbap with vegetables" and "Spice curry with vegetables" will be released on April 21st as the second Asian fair, which is made from attractive dishes from Asian countries into bento boxes. The price is 490 yen each (tax included, same below).

Bibimbap where you can eat vegetables

A limited-time product that allows you to consume half the amount of vegetables you need each day. On top of the rice are onions and carrots, grilled beef fried in a sweet sauce, komatsuna, yuzu radish, bean sprouts namul, and white vegetable kimchi. By adjusting the amount of bibimbap sauce attached, you can enjoy spicy to spicy to your liking.

Hotto Motto "Bibimbap where you can eat vegetables"

You can also choose a soft-boiled egg for an additional 70 yen. For those who want to eat plenty of meat, "Bibimbap with extra meat that can eat vegetables" (690 yen), which has three times as much grilled meat, will also be on sale.

Spice curry with vegetables

Curry that allows you to eat 1/3 of the amount of vegetables you need in a day. It contains plenty of 8 kinds of colorful vegetables such as carrots, corn, and eggplant. Curry is a blend of 9 kinds of spices and has a smooth texture. The coarse spices and fried onions on the rice enhance the taste of the curry.

Hotto Motto "Spice curry with vegetables"

* The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Health Japan 21 (Second)" sets an average vegetable intake target of 350 g per day.