Dean & DeLuca "Rose Lemonade" "Citrus & Flower Tea"

At DEAN & DELUCA, the fragrant seasonal drinks "Rose Lemonade" and "Citrus & Flower Tea" are on sale from April 1st to April 25th. Spring taste of roses and chrysanthemum flower tea mixed with fruits.

Rose lemonade

Rooibos-based non-caffeine tea with bright red roses in full bloom in the cup. Sweet and sour ingredients such as rose flowers and fruits with an elegant scent, sharp sour hibiscus, and fresh strawberries, plus plenty of juicy and bittersweet lemon. When you pour hot water, the essence of the flower melts into a ruby color, and the taste increases as you drink. The price of M size is 540 yen (excluding tax).

Dean & DeLuca "Rose Lemonade"

Citrus & flower tea

A slightly sweet flower tea made by mixing pineapple peel with refreshing chrysanthemum tea and bergamot scented Darjeeling. The fruity summer picked Darjeeling is accented with the elegant sweetness and subtle bitterness of chrysanthemum tea. By adding sweet and sour fresh orange, the gorgeous and refreshing flavor of chrysanthemum tea is brought out. The price of M size is 520 yen (excluding tax).

Dean & DeLuca "Citrus & Flower Tea"

Available at market stores (Roppongi / Shinagawa Yurakucho / Shinjuku / Ebisu / Hiroo / Yaesu / Atre Kawasaki / Shar Yokohama / Nagoya / Kyoto / Osaka / Amu Plaza Hakata) and all cafe stores.