Gyoza no Ohsho "Spring Aya Ankake Yakisoba"

"Spring Aya (Irodori) Ankake Yakisoba" will be available as a seasonal menu from the Gyoza no Ohsho. It will be available from April 1st to 30th.

Crispy grilled noodles made from Hokkaido flour are combined with 10 kinds of ingredients such as spring cabbage, carrots, silk pods and other bright vegetables and pork, cooked to make the taste and richness stand out, and made with oyster sauce. It is a dish that is bound with oyster sauce.

In addition to eating and drinking in the store, you can take the noodles and bean paste separately in a microwave oven-compatible container, so you can enjoy the taste of the store hot without losing the texture of the baked noodles.

Gyoza no Ohsho "Spring Aya Ankake Yakisoba"

In addition to the single item, "Fairset A" with 3 dumplings and almond tofu, and "Fairset B" with 3 dumplings, rice (small) and soup are available. You can also add 3 dumplings to each fair set for an additional fee. The selling prices of food and drink in the store are as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Spring Aya Ankake Yakisoba 750 yen ・ Spring Aya Ankake Yakisoba Fair Set A 950 yen ・ Spring Aya Ankake Yakisoba Fair Set B 990 yen ・ Fair set 3 dumplings +110 yen