Top's Seasonal "Sakura Cheesecake"

From Tops, a new spring-only product "Sakura Cheesecake" will be released on March 1st (excluding some stores). Each unit weighs about 170g (6oz) and costs 1,188 yen (tax included). Keep refrigerated.

"Sakura Cheesecake" is a rare cheesecake with a refreshing flavor that contains sour cherry pickled in syrup, wrapped in matcha rice flour dough, and finished in a pale cherry-colored outfit with sour cherry syrup cream and cherry ganash sauce. .. The pink color of the cream and cherry blossom sauce expresses the blooming cherry blossoms, and the green color of the matcha dough expresses the modest sprout.

In addition, by using Japanese ingredients such as cherry blossoms, matcha, and rice flour, it is a fresh cake that you can feel the "Japanese spirit" from March to April, when there are many celebrations unique to Japan.

"Sakura Cheesecake" is a top with a cute color that is perfect for spring. It looks like you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at home. This is a spring limited item, so if you are interested, check it out as soon as possible!