Butter 1/3 garlic in Meiji tube

From the "Meiji Tube butter 1/3" series, which can be easily applied to bread, etc., "Meiji Tube Butter 1/3 Garlic" will be released on March 1st. 80g (2.82oz) is included, and the estimated price is 195 yen (excluding tax).

"Meiji Tube De Butter 1/3" is a spread that allows you to enjoy the rich taste of butter because butter is used in 1/3 of the raw material fats and oils. It is a tube type that is easy to squeeze out, and has been well received due to its softness and convenience.

Introducing this time is "Meiji Tube Butter 1/3 Garlic", which allows you to easily enjoy the garlic flavor. By using garlic oil while maintaining the rich taste of butter, it is tailored to an appropriate garlic flavor.

You can enjoy the authentic taste of garlic butter in various scenes such as meat, seafood, and sauteed vegetables, as well as the standard menu such as spreading it on bread to make garlic toast or mixing it with rice to make garlic rice.