"Chocolate ball [exhilarating cola]" for a limited time

From Morinaga & Co.'s "Chocolate Ball" brand, a new product "Chocolate Ball [Refreshing Cola]" that expresses the popular drink "Cola" with chocolate balls will be released on March 2. Limited time until the end of June. The estimated price is 80 yen (excluding tax).

"Chocolate ball [exhilarating cola]" is made by coating chocolate with crackling candy with cola-flavored chocolate, and when you put it in your mouth, it pops and is fun, and you can enjoy the exhilarating feeling like cola. The package is a fun design that expresses a refreshing cola taste and crackling quality.

In addition, the "Toy Canning", which you can always get by collecting one "gold" angel or five "silver" angels from the campaign that has continued since 1967, has been renewed from March 1st. The 53rd kind of toy canned "Kyoro-chan can that you want to fly" will be released.

"Kyoro-chan cans that I want to fly" that will be the 53rd kind of toy canning

Like other birds, Kyoro-chan dreams of flying in the sky someday. Power up from "running", and finally make the wings flutter and struggle to take off.

Kyoro-chan runs at full speed while fluttering her wings and talking. Even if you stop on the way, if you call "Kyoro-chan!", I will do my best again. Kyoro-chan is such a healthy person, but sometimes he asks for help. If you lift Kyoro-chan ...? It's a charming Kyoro-chan can that moves its wings, talks, runs, and even begs.