Jolly Pasta "Overflowing Strawberry Ice Scramble"

The second "Strawberry Dolce Series" "Overflowing Strawberry Ice Scramble" will be on sale from February 25th at each Jolly-Pasta store. The price is 480 yen (excluding tax). Limited time until the end of April.

"Overflowing Strawberry Ice Scramble" is a dessert with vanilla and strawberry gelato mixed in a well-balanced manner in a waffle bowl. It is gorgeously finished with plenty of strawberries and strawberry sauce.

The ice scramble, which is a combination of vanilla gelato that melts in the mouth and strawberry gelato with strawberry pulp, has a perfect balance of milky taste and sweetness. You can enjoy the crunchy texture of the waffle bowl and the change in taste by adding the whipped cream or chocolate sauce attached to the plate.

The first "Strawberry Dolce Series", which will be sold out in mid-February, is the "Fresh Strawberry Tart" that was on sale from January 14th. You can enjoy a combination of strawberry dessert with a smooth texture, whipped cream with a gentle sweetness, and fresh strawberries, and the cute appearance and spring-like taste were popular.