Matsunoya "Oyakodon"

"Oyakodon" will be on sale from Matsunoya and Matsunoya stores (excluding Aeon stores and Okinawa stores) at 3:00 pm on February 24th. The price is 590 yen (tax included).

・ Luxury use with plenty of eggs! Excellent compatibility with Matsuya's original "Black Sesame Roasted Shichimi"
Introducing the unlikely "Oyakodon" at Matsuya. Matsuya's Oyakodon, which uses large chicken thighs and plenty of simmering eggs, is also served with "Matsuya Original Black Sesame Roasted Shichimi," which is characterized by the rich aroma of fragrant black sesame and Japanese pepper, and the spicy spiciness of chili peppers. It is a gem that you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients.

This Oyakodon, which has undergone trial and error based on the concept of "Matsunoyani, a product that you can enjoy every day," confined the "finally completed joy" of the developer in a fluffy egg and appeared with full satisfaction. I will.

Matsunoya's "Oyakodon" has a light taste that you can eat every day. It looks good for lunch. Why don't you give it a try?

* You can take it home. If you take it home, "miso soup" is an additional 60 yen.