Lawson Store 100 Recommended products for home work

Lawson Store 100 has a wide range of products from fresh foods to frozen foods, sweets, and beverages. Here are some recommended products for home work.

Retort pouch products

Use retort pouch products when you want to avoid one pattern because it is easy and delicious. Feel the flavor and umami of dried bonito, "VL rich curry udon noodles" with a relieved taste, "VL seafood cream pasta" filled with the umami of crabs and scallops, "VL seafood cream pasta" with strong umami and fragrance VL rich seafood tsukemen soup is recommended. The price is 100 yen each (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Lawson Store 100 Recommended products for home work

Retort curry

Retort curry is perfect for a simple lunch as well as a supper. Curries such as "VL Demiglas Curry" that spreads the acidity and sweetness of tomatoes, "VL European Curry" that harmonizes the taste and richness of beef and spice flavor, and "VL Keema Curry" that makes the refreshing spice flavor addictive. We have a lineup of products that allow you to thoroughly enjoy the depth of the curry. The price is 100 yen each.

Lawson Store 100 Retort Curry


Drip coffee "VL mild blend" and "VL rich blend" are products jointly developed with UCC Ueshima Coffee. We also recommend "VL Sencha", which is a blend of Yame Matcha from Fukuoka Prefecture, where you can enjoy the aroma and richness, and "Hana no Tea Earl Gray," which gives you a luxurious aroma from the moment you add hot water. The price is 100 yen each.

Lawson Store 100 Coffee / Tea / Japanese Tea

Addictive sweets

There are many "addictive" sweets that won't stop after you eat a bite. "VL Potato Chips Pizza Flavor" with a rich pizza flavor, "VL Caramel Popcorn" with a happy scent of caramel, and "VL Cheese Cracker" with natural cheese kneaded into the dough are available. The price is 100 yen each.

Lawson Store 100 Snacks

Reward sweets

"THE! Pudding Reprint Edition", which is on sale for two weeks from February 17, is a satisfying dessert with an irresistible savory taste of pudding and caramel with a plump texture. Perfect when you want to take a break with sweets. The price is 100 yen.

Lawson Store 100 "THE! Pudding Reprint"

"Bikku THE! Cookies & Cream Cake" released on February 24 is a large-capacity sweet that you can fully enjoy the popular flavor "Cookies & Cream". The texture and bitterness of the black crunch topping are accented. The price is 298 yen.

Lawson Store 100 "Bikku THE! Cookies & Cream Cakes"