Tyrolean chocolate "chocolate croissant [bag]" "strawberry milk [bag]"

From Tyrolean chocolate, "Chocolate croissant [bag]", "Strawberry milk [bag]" and "Tyrolean chocolate [hanging]" will be released on March 1st.

・ Chocolate croissant [bag]
Tyrolean chocolate that reproduces the flavor of freshly baked chocolate croissants. Inside the butter-flavored chocolate and chocolate, a crispy, light-tasting fiantine and a crunchy biscuit are trapped. The estimated price is 100 yen (excluding tax) for 7 pieces.

Tyrolean chocolate "chocolate croissant [bag]"

・ Ichigo Milk [bag]
Route-limited products released in the fall of 2020 will be rolled out nationwide. A bag type containing 7 pieces of the standard flavor "Ichigo Milk". Strawberry jelly is wrapped in strawberry chocolate and white chocolate, and you can enjoy the slightly sour taste and the milky taste of white chocolate. The estimated price is 100 yen (excluding tax).

Tyrolean chocolate "Ichigo Milk [bag]"

・ Tyrolean chocolate [hanging]
Tyrolean chocolate long-selling product "Tirol chocolate [hanging]" is back as a standard product all year round. The design and enclosed contents have been renewed. It is a transparent connected pillow wrapping that you can see the individual wrapping inside, and contains 2 each of 4 types of standard flavors "milk", "coffee nougat", "bis" and "strawberry jelly". The estimated price is 100 yen (excluding tax).

Tyrolean chocolate [hanging]