Ramen set with Ippudo original bowl

"Ippudo original bowl ramen set" will be on sale from 10:00 on February 22nd at the Ippudo official online store.

The selling price is 6,420 yen (tax included, shipping included). The quantity is limited to 100 sets. It will end as soon as the constant is reached.

At Ippudo, custom-made bowls ordered from Arita porcelain pottery are used. The bowl sold this time is also an original limited edition made by an Arita porcelain craftsman.

The ramen set includes one meal each of "Shiramaru Motomi," "Akamaru Shinmi," and "Ippudo Karaka Noodles" from the "Home IPPUDO" series that you can enjoy at home. The original bowl is used, and you can feel like Ippudo at home. The bowl comes in a vanity case, so it is also suitable as a gift.

In addition, it is announced that there are no plans to sell bowls with the same design in the future. Orders from February 22nd will be shipped sequentially from March 1st.

If you register as a member at the "Ippudo Online Store" in advance, you can proceed with the purchase procedure smoothly. Immediately after the start of order acceptance, access may be concentrated and it may be difficult to connect. It will also be sold at the same time on the online shopping site "MEN'S MARKET" of the same group as Ippudo.