Godiva "Chocolixer GOLDEN" "Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN"

"Chocolixer GOLDEN", which uses gold leaf luxuriously, will be on sale from February 23rd, and "Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN" will be on sale from March 17th at Godiva limited stores. Both are limited-time products until April 1st. However, due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out.

"Chocolixer GOLDEN" is a luxurious item that uses a whole piece of gold leaf as a topping. You can enjoy a gorgeous mood with the deep taste of chocolate drinks. The lineup of flavors includes "white chocolate 27% & vanilla," which has a mellow and gentle taste with vanilla, as well as "milk chocolate 31%," "dark chocolate 72%," and "dark chocolate 85%." You can choose from your favorite cacao%. Available in two sizes, 270 ml and 350 ml (L size).

"Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN" is a special dish of Godiva's rich chocolate soft serve ice cream wrapped in gold leaf. The impact of appearance and the tasteful Godiva chocolate will make you feel extravagant. There are three flavors, "double chocolate", which is a blend of two types of dark chocolate with rich milk, "mixed chocolate", and "white chocolate".

You can check the stores handling "Chocolixer GOLDEN" and "Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN" from the official Godiva website.

● Product lineup
Chocolixer GOLDEN White Chocolate 27% & Vanilla Chocolixer GOLDEN Milk Chocolate 31%
Chocolixer GOLDEN Dark Chocolate 72%
Chocolixer GOLDEN Dark Chocolate 85%
Price excluding tax: 834 yen / 270 ml, 940 yen / 350 ml (L size)

Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN Double chocolate corn Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN White chocolate Vanilla corn Soft serve ice cream GOLDEN Mixed chocolate corn Price excluding tax: 694 yen * Cone only