Seasonal "Sakura no Tea" from Kobe Tea

The seasonal product "Sakura no Tea" is on sale at the official Kobe Tea online shop. It comes with 5 Tetra tea bags and costs 648 yen (tax included). Limited quantity, will end as soon as it is sold out.

"Sakura no Tea", which is popular every year in Kobe tea, is a flavored tea with the scent of cherry blossoms, based on black tea that has no habit and is less astringent. The soft and sweet scent of cherry blossoms is a taste that makes you feel the arrival of spring. The gentle cherry-colored package with a zipper has excellent storage stability.

Cherry-scented black tea, which is popular with women, is also recommended as a gift for White Day in the coming season. Also pay attention to the new package design featuring cherry blossoms.

・ What is "Kobe Black Tea"?
A pioneer of Japanese black tea makers that has been handling black tea for over 90 years since its establishment in 1925. One of the few tea appraisers in Japan buys tea leaves from tea gardens around the world and blends them with Japanese water. We provide tea leaves to top-class hotels, famous cafes, and tea shops in Japan.