Kirfebon "Tart of" Asahi Kanjuro "from Ibaraki Prefecture"

"Kirfebon", a fruit tart specialty store, will release "Ibaraki Prefecture" Asahi Kanjuro "Tart" on March 1st as a new spring item. The tax-included price is 669 yen for pieces and 6,696 yen for halls (25 cm) (tax rates differ when using the cafe).

"Asahi Kanjuro" is a sweet potato made in Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture (formerly Asahi Village), which is characterized by well-drained volcanic ash soil and abundant minerals from Kashima Nada. It is cultivated in the field for a long period of 150 days and aged for over a month by constant temperature storage. By slowly saccharifying the starch of sweet potatoes, sweet and delicious sweet potatoes can be made. Only sweet potatoes that meet strict conditions such as thorough cultivation methods are shipped under the Asahi Kanjuro brand.

"Asahi Kanjuro" sweet potatoes from Ibaraki prefecture

At Kirfebon, Asahi Kanjuro, which is delicious as it is, is made into roasted sweet potato and used for tart with the skin without processing. The tart of cookie dough is combined with sweet potato paste using plenty of Asahi Kanjuro, cut sweet potato, and fluffy vanilla cream, and topped with white chocolate crunch and Asahi Kanjuro chips.

Kirfebon "Tart of" Asahi Kanjuro "from Ibaraki Prefecture"

To take advantage of the rich sweetness of Asahi Kanjuro, we use vanilla cream with a reduced amount of sugar. A white chocolate crunch with salt from Guérande adds an accent to the taste. The saltiness in the sweet potatoes and vanilla makes it not monotonous, and the deliciousness of eating one piece. You can enjoy it with the image of freshly baked sweet potatoes with vanilla ice cream.