FamilyMart "Cheese Tsukune Skewers"

From the popular product "Chicken Tsukune Skewers", which is the No. 1 selling item in FamilyMart's hot snack skewer series, "Cheese Tsukune Skewers" with dice-shaped cheese will be released on February 23. The price is 135 yen (tax included) per bottle.

"Cheese Tsukune Skewers" was released last year as a new product of "Chicken Tsukune Skewers", which is the undisputed No. 1 product in the hot snack skewer series, and was very popular, so it has been decided to re-release it this time.

Cheddar cheese, which goes well with chicken, is kneaded in a dice shape, and bonito extract is added as a secret ingredient to enjoy the umami of meatballs and the richness of cheese. It is a dish that you can enjoy chicken meatballs and cheese with a plump texture.