"Cream cheese cold tofu" recipe

Great for sake snacks! Here are three "cream cheese recipes" that use cream cheese. Easy "Cream cheese cold tofu", "Snack cream cheese", etc.

Snacks cream cheese
and easily can, mecha horse " snack cream cheese recipes".

"Snack cream cheese" recipe

The junk, strong flavor of the snack, the crispy texture, and the mellow cream cheese go great together! The texture changes depending on how the snack is crushed, so you may want to sprinkle half of it roughly crushed and the other half sprinkled with crushed one, and make two kinds at once.

・ At such times, "I want one more dish" of chili oil cream cheese! A recipe for a simple snack "chili oil cream cheese " using cream cheese.

"Chili oil cream cheese" recipe

The mellow cream cheese, the flavor, richness, and spiciness of the chili oil you eat combine to create a slightly mature taste. The crispy chopped green onion has a nice texture and flavor.

・ Cold cream cheese style
For those who just want to have fun and eat delicious snacks! A recipe for "Cream cheese cold tofu " that is easy to make and very delicious.

"Cream cheese cold tofu" recipe

The spicy and crispy texture of onions, the flavor of dried bonito and the taste of soy sauce. A refreshing snack that is refreshing and easy to eat, with a Japanese flavor added to the mellow cream cheese.