How to get rid of the head and gunk off an eggplant!
Cutting off the tip of an eggplant is a waste! Here are some tips on how to remove the tips and gunk so that you can enjoy eggplant without wasting any of it.
Raw materials make
Tool Knife, cutting board
Working hours 5Minutes
1. Cut a knife between the stem and the gunk, and cut all the way around the gunk.
2. Peel off the gak by flipping the gak
3. Remove the lids by scraping them off as if sharpening a pencil.
4. Cut into desired shape and size

Step 4: How to prepare eggplant

Eggplant is delicious both grilled and fried. Before cooking eggplant, you must first remove the stem. Eggplants have both a stem and a cap, but if you cut off the tip of the eggplant without removing the cap, you are throwing away all the nutrients, which is a waste of time and money! This article introduces the basic preparation method for tasting eggplant without wasting any of its nutrients.

How to prepare eggplant
Top part is heta, bottom part is gak.

How to prepare eggplant

Cut a shallow slit all the way around the eggplant, making sure not to cut through the flesh.

Step 1: How to Prepare Eggplant

Remove the gunk by peeling it off.

Step 2: How to prepare eggplant

Next, remove the capsules. Using a knife, shave off the head as if sharpening a pencil.

Step 3: How to prepare eggplant

This completes the preparation! Now cut into desired size and shape, and soak in water to remove the scum. Removing the acridity of the eggplant will remove the bitterness and prevent discoloration.

Reference link】How to remove eggplant scum

The preparation method of eggplant is surprisingly unknown. I used to cut off the tips of eggplants until I learned how to do this. I hope you will all enjoy the deliciousness of eggplant to the fullest, without wasting any of its nutritional value!

If you can't eat the eggplant right away, you can freeze it to prevent damage. Please refer to our other article " How to Freeze and Store Eggplant".