The second one is free! Burger King "Bakutoku Campaign"

The second "Bakutoku Campaign " will be held at each Burger King store. Limited to one week from February 19th to 25th, from 14:00 each day.

During the second "Bakutoku Campaign", if you order "Quatro Cheese Wapper Jr." and "Bacon Cheese Wapper Jr." after 14:00 each day, the second product will be provided free of charge. Campaign.

The price is 460 yen (tax included) for both "Quatro Cheese Wapper Jr." and "Bacon Cheese Wapper Jr.".

* Sales from 14:00 each day * Sales time may vary depending on the store * Applicable only to individual items. Not applicable to set orders * Not applicable to pick-up orders, self-order terminals, and delivery * Customization is not accepted (excluding ingredients due to allergies, etc. are accepted as before)
* Some stores are not available. * If sold out, it may be offered as a substitute. * Sales may be suspended depending on the store conditions. * Product design and price may change without notice due to campaign changes. * The image is an image