"Sugar Butter Tree Strawberry Chocolat Sand" From Sugar Butter Tree

The spring-only premium-ranked sandwich "Sugar Butter Tree Strawberry Chocolat Sandwich" is on sale from the cereal sweets specialty store "Sugar Butter Tree". For a limited time. Prices start at 648 yen (tax included) for 5 pieces.

"Sugar Butter Tree Strawberry Chocolat Sandwich" is a spring limited edition that is released every year according to the season when the strawberries are the most delicious. A premium-ranked sandwich wrapped in strawberry chocolate with plenty of delicious spring-picked strawberries.

A whole sugar butter-scented crispy milk cream sandwich is luxuriously wrapped in strawberry chocolate. We are particular about the juicy "strawberry milk flavor" that spreads at once when you chew it quickly. A spring feast sandwich that melts "Kyun", sweet and sour spring-picked strawberry chocolate, and mellow and rich milk cream.

The design theme is "Strawberry Tea Time". Spread the cloth in a fun mood with pastel strawberries and set a special bright red strawberry-patterned plate. It is finished in a cute and playful package.