Matsuya "Three Brothers of Pork Yakiniku"

Matsuya's "Three Brothers of Pork Yakiniku" has been upgraded to "thick" pork. Three items such as "Thick sliced pork yakiniku set meal" will be on sale at each store from 10:00 on February 23 (excluding some stores).

Matsuya's classic popular menu "Boston butt roast pork set meal", "Boston butt roast ginger set meal" and "Boston butt salt pork shoulder loin bowl", which will be discontinued at 10 o'clock on February 23, will be "thick" at the same time. Re-appeared with a renewal of the menu using "cut pork shoulder loin". It will be available as a standard menu.

The royal road "thick-sliced pork grilled meat set meal" that is juicy and full of umami, and you can enjoy it with your favorite taste, and the "thick-sliced pork ginger-grilled set meal" that is delicious even if you "change the taste" with mayonnaise, both have a taste that goes well with rice. In addition, the "Thick-sliced green onion salt pork grilled meat bowl", which has a great combination of plenty of green onions and special sauce, is now available even more delicious.

Matsuya "Three Brothers of Pork Yakiniku"

To commemorate this release, if you order a menu related to "Thick sliced pork roasted meat", you will receive a free rice meal until 10:00 on March 9th. Also, if you order the "W Menu", you will receive a free rice meal during the sales period.

The list of prices including tax is as follows.

Thick sliced pork grilled meat set meal 650 yen / (W) 1,050 yen Thick sliced pork ginger grilled set meal 730 yen / (W) 1,130 yen Thick sliced green onion salt pork grilled meat bowl 580 yen / (W) 980 yen

Both can be taken home at the same price. In that case, miso soup costs 60 yen separately.