Fujiya "Peko-chan Magnet
(*All image sources are from Fujiya's official website)

Peko-chan Magnet Present Campaign" at Fujiya Confectionery

The official website of Fujiya Confectionery announced that they will be holding a "Peko-chan Magnet Present Campaign" on February 28th.

This day has been designated as "Fujiya Day" due to the combination of the words "228" and "Fujiya," and campaigns to win goods of the signature character "Peko-chan" have been held for a long time.

In 2021, a "Peko-chan Magnet" will be introduced. There are a total of four different designs, including a "Hundred-Faced Peko-chan" design with the 70th anniversary logo of Fujiya's long-selling Milky candies. Materials: epoxy resin, PP synthetic paper, and magnets. The size is 50 x 40 mm, and it is designed to be attached to doorways and refrigerators.

Fujiya "Peko-chan Magnet

The magnets are available on a first-come, first-served basis when you make a purchase worth 1,500 yen (tax included) at Fujiya confectionery stores. However, the magnet may be out of stock, and the design may vary depending on circumstances. In addition, some of the products may not be available at some local stores, so please contact the staff at each store for details.