Recipe "Avocado Chips"

It's easy because you can make it in the microwave! Here is a summary of the "chips recipes" that can be made with lentin, which the En-eating editorial department actually tried and was delicious.

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・ Fish sausage
For beer snacks and snacks on a diet ♪ " Fish sausage chips " that you just cut and heat in the microwave.

Recipe "fish sausage chips"

With a crispy texture and a light texture, it has a moderate hardness. Every time you chew, the umami of the savory fish sausage spreads. It is also charming that the texture is sometimes uneven and the texture is like a fluffy paste.

・ Chikuwa chips
"Chikuwa chips " made from thinly sliced chikuwa.

Recipe "Chikuwa Chips"

With a crispy and crunchy texture, the taste of chikuwa spreads softly. It seems to go well with various seasonings such as shichimi pepper, green laver, mayonnaise, and consomme powder.

・ Avocado chips
Simply slice the avocado thinly and heat it in the microwave . "Avocado chips ".

Recipe "Avocado Chips"

Crispy and crispy, light texture and condensed avocado flavor are irresistible! Even if you don't fry it in oil, the oil content of avocado will give you a rich taste.

・ Potato chips
A recipe for "potato chips " made in the microwave without frying.

"Potato chips" recipe

The trick is not to heat it too much at once, but turn it over and see what happens. You can prevent it from burning or sticking to the plate. If you like, you can sprinkle powdered consomme or green laver and add flavor! It is also recommended for consumption when a little potato is left over.