Domino's Pizza "Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0"

Domino's Pizza will sell "Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0", a pizza perfect for cheese lovers, for a limited time from February 22nd to March 23rd.

Domino's Pizza "Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0"

"Ultra Cheese" is a pizza that is very popular with "cheese rubber", which has only cheese as a topping. By thoroughly pursuing both quality and quantity of cheese and using 100% mozzarella cheese abundantly, you can enjoy the richness and umami, and the powerful growth of cheese.

"Ultra cheese" has caused a total of three "revolutions", such as increasing the amount of cheese and making it possible to change the taste. This time, the fourth time, we will introduce a pizza that you can enjoy with four kinds of carefully selected toppings.

"Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0", which can be said to be the "ultimate ultra cheese", enjoys four carefully selected flavors "Pepperoni", "Basil bacon", "Garlic pepper" and "Coarsely ground sausage" that go well with plenty of cheese. Pizza that can be. The spilling juicy and savory toppings, combined with the growing cheese, are appetizing. Four sizes of cheese, 250g (8.82oz) (M size), 500g (17.64oz) (R size), 700g (24.69oz) (L size), and 1kg (New Yorker size), are available so that one or more people can enjoy it.

Domino's Pizza "Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0"

The tax-excluded prices for take-out and delivery are as follows.

· Take out
M size (250g (8.82oz)) 1,400 yen
R size (500g (17.64oz)) 1,699 yen
L size (700g (24.69oz)) 1,950 yen New Yorker size (1kg) 2,250 yen

・ Delivery
M size (250g (8.82oz)) 2,800 yen
R size (500g (17.64oz)) 3,399 yen
L size (700g (24.69oz)) 3,900 yen New Yorker size (1kg) 4,500 yen