"Gildo Laqueri Pistachio" and "Gildo Laqueri Raspberry"

"Gildo Laqueri" started in 1935 with a small gelato parlor in Milan. The gelato is now widely loved not only in Italy but also in Europe.

Gelato brings out the flavor of the ingredients and does not use synthetic additives. Fruits carefully grown by "biodynamic farming" that matches the natural cycle are used. Obtained strict standard organic certification "demeter certification".

"Gildo Laqueri Pistachio" and "Gildo Laqueri Raspberry"

◆ Pistachios

Uses Italian pistachios that are harvested only once every two years and have a condensed flavor. A gelato that loosens softly in the mouth and melts smoothly with the heat of the tongue. You can feel the mellow taste peculiar to pistachio in the deep richness of milk and fresh cream. The fragrant sweetness remains in the aftertaste. The combination of sticky melt in the mouth and rich taste is like a specialty store.

Gild Laqueri Pistachio

◆ Raspberry

The bright red sorbet that wakes you up is juicy as if you were biting the fruit itself! The gorgeous sweetness typical of raspberries pops in your mouth. It is a pleasant acidity that tightens the aftertaste. It is a refreshing taste that is perfect when you want to refresh your mood.

Gild Laqueri Raspberry

The purchase price at the supermarket is 320 yen each (excluding tax). It's expensive to make as a daily snack, but I'm very satisfied with the quality of a specialty store. There are several other flavors, so be sure to try the flavors that interest you when you see them!