Kentucky "Basil Avocado Twister"

"Basil Avocado Twister" will be on sale in limited quantities from February 24th at each Kentucky Fried Chicken store.

"Twister", which is chicken and vegetables wrapped in tortillas, was released in 2001. It features the convenience of being able to eat with one hand, and has become a standard menu celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The "Basil Avocado Twister" to be released this time is the new twister since April last year. Special lemon basil-style mayo sauce with a refreshing flavor of basil and lemon, creamy avocado filling that makes use of the texture of onions, "kernel crispy" with a crunchy texture that the taste of garlic and soy sauce is irresistible, fresh lettuce Wrap it together in tortillas to create a twister that's perfect for spring.

It will end as soon as it runs out. In addition, some stores do not handle it.

Product list

・ Basil Avocado Twister 340 yen ・ Basil Avocado Twister Set 660 yen
Contents: Basil Avocado Twister, Potato S, Drink M
・ Basil Avocado Twister Box 860 yen Contents: Basil Avocado Twister, Boneless Kentucky, Potato S, Drink M, Mini Apple Pie