Hotto Motto "Seafood Tendon"

At each Hotto Motto store, "Seafood Tendon", where you can choose the taste from two types of sauce, will be on sale from March 2nd. The price is 560 yen (tax included, same below).

"Seafood Tendon" is a bowl of tempura with two delicious and elastic shrimp and squid, scallops, eel tempura, and eggplant and snap pea vegetable tempura. This year, you can choose from two flavors of sauce for tempura.

The new "Shiodare" is a refreshing spring-like sauce that adds the flavor of clams and sea bream to enhance the taste of seafood tempura. The "Japanese-style sauce", which is popular every year, is seasoned with soy sauce and dried bonito flakes in the eastern Japan area, and the rich soy sauce in the western Japan area with bonito, kelp, and shiitake mushrooms. It has a sweet taste.

Hotto Motto "Seafood Tendon"
Salted seafood tendon

If you want to enjoy more seafood, we recommend the "Special Seafood Tendon" (690 yen), which has an increased amount of shrimp and scallop tempura, and contains 4 shrimp and 2 scallop tempura. There is also a lineup of "Seafood Tendon" (590 yen), which is made by boiling the tempura of "Seafood Tendon" in a sweet soy sauce sauce and fluffy with eggs. A "Tempura Assortment" (460 yen) that allows you to bring back only the "Seafood Tendon" tempura is also available. You can choose according to the scene and taste.

Hotto Motto "Special Seafood Tendon"
Special seafood tendon

Hotto Motto "Seafood Tentama Don"
Seafood Tentamadon

Hotto Motto "Tempura Assortment"
Assorted tempura