Hamazushi Japanese Black Beef 100 Yen "Japanese Black Beef and Shellfish Festival"

"Kuroge Wagyu and Shellfish Festival" will be held from February 18th at each "Hama Sushi" store. A fair where you can find the highest peak of beef, "Kuroge Wagyu" and a wide variety of "shellfish".

There are three types of Japanese black beef, "Kuroge Wagyu Grip", "Grilled Kuroge Wagyu Grip [Lemon]", and "Kuroge Wagyu Grip [Yama Wasabi Nose]". It will be offered at a special price of 100 yen each (excluding tax). In addition, the "Kuroge Wagyu Grip [Grated Assortment]", which wraps the overflowing flavor of Japanese black beef with grated daikon radish, is also available for 150 yen (excluding tax). All are carefully cooked at low temperatures, and you can enjoy the fine and tender meat quality and the taste of lean meat and fat.

At the shellfish festival, "Akakai", where you can enjoy the sweetness and umami and the unique scent of shellfish, "Tairakai", which has a moderate texture and strong taste, and "Steamed scallops from Aomori Prefecture", which have a soft and sweet meat, are also available. "Boiled oyster grips from Hiroshima prefecture" and "Red scallops" are now available. "Taira shellfish" and "Steamed scallops from Aomori prefecture" are also available with fragrant [burnt soy sauce].

Also, from the same day, "Hokkaido Seafood Salt Ramen" will be on sale. Based on the soup stock of sweet shrimp from Hokkaido, scallops from Hokkaido and kelp from Hokkaido are added to make a flavorful soup with special salt and soy sauce. The crispy texture of fried chicken and the savory aroma are appetizing, and you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of seafood. The price is 380 yen (excluding tax).

Hamazushi Japanese Black Beef 100 Yen "Japanese Black Beef and Shellfish Festival"

"Hotate salt butter ramen" topped with butter and scallops and "super spicy salt butter ramen" with shrimp-flavored spicy sauce will also be available for 460 yen each (excluding tax).