How to preserve whole cabbages!
No need to buy whole cabbage! Here's how to store it for long-lasting freshness. Just hollow out the core and stuff it with wet paper.
Raw materials Cabbage, water
Tool Knife, kitchen paper, plastic bag
Working hours 10Minutes
1. Hollow out the core of the cabbage
2. wet a kitchen paper with water
3. Stuff wet paper into the hole where the core was hollowed out.
4. Put in plastic bag and store in refrigerator

How to Store Cabbage

Even if you buy a whole cabbage, it is sometimes difficult to use it up. In this article, we will show you how to store it to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Cabbage prefers cooler climates, so it should be lightly prepped and stored in the refrigerator!

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How to preserve cabbage

Cut around the core of the cabbage with a knife or cleaver and hollow out the core.

How to Store Cabbage

Step 1: How to Store Cabbage

Wet a sheet of kitchen paper with water and stuff it into the hollowed-out hole.

Step 2: How to Store Cabbage

Step 3: How to Store Cabbage
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Put the whole thing in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator. That's it!

Step 4: How to Store Cabbage

How to use cabbage to make it last longer

When using refrigerated cabbage, it is recommended to peel off only what is needed from the outer leaves without cutting. This way, the nutritional content is not reduced and the cabbage itself will last longer.

How to Store Cabbage

If you can't use up all of the cabbage, freeze it fresh. If you cut it into small pieces and freeze it, you can cook it while frozen for convenience when you use it!

Reference link】How to freeze cabbage