Kentucky's special "Hinamatsuri Barrel".

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Hinamatsuri Barrel

Kentucky Fried Chicken will be selling "Hinamatsuri Barrel" for three days from March 1 to March 3.

The "Hinamatsuri Barrel" contains a generous 9 pieces of "Original Chicken" that is perfect for a family Hinamatsuri meal. It will be offered at a festive price of 1,900 yen. Also, with the purchase of the "Hinamatsuri Barrel", customers will be able to purchase as many as three "Strawberry Chocolate Pies" or three "Fries (S)", both of which are available in limited quantities and contain sweet and sour strawberry chocolate cream wrapped in a crispy pie crust, for a discounted price of 390 yen each.

Price: 1,900 yen (tax included)
Contents: 9 pieces of Original Chicken
Special offer: When you purchase the Hinamatsuri Barrel, you can purchase any number of the limited-quantity 3 Strawberry Chocolate Pies or 3 Potatoes (S) for 390 yen each

Some stores may not carry this item.