Limited time offer "Usuyaki Gourmet Wasabi Sansho Flavor"

Kameda Seika will release "70g (2.47oz) Lightly Grilled Gourmet Wasabi Sansho Flavor" on March 1st. Limited time until the end of July. The estimated price is around 130 yen (excluding tax).

From the light-grilled gourmet series, "light-grilled gourmet wasabi sansho flavor" is now available! The spiciness of wasabi and the refreshing scent of Japanese pepper combine to create an unstoppable taste. An exquisite combination of carefully selected domestic horseradish and Wakayama prefecture grape sansho.

The new Japanese combination is a perfect taste for spring snacks. Please enjoy it with the crispy and light texture unique to lightly grilled.

In addition, by using "Japanese-style dashi" as a base so that you can enjoy the goodness of "wasabi" and "sansho", the spiciness of wasabi and the refreshing scent of sansho are combined in a stimulating and elegant manner.

"70g (2.47oz) lightly grilled gourmet wasabi sansho flavor" that you can enjoy the Japanese flavor. Not only when you want to fill your stomach a little, but it also looks good as a snack for sake. If you like wasabi or Japanese pepper, why not give it a try?