Kameda Seika "81g Happy Turn Eda Bean Flavor"

Kameda Seika will release "81g (2.86oz) Happy Turn Eda Bean Flavor" on March 1st. Limited time product until the end of August. The estimated price is around 220 yen (excluding tax).

"Happy Turn Eda Bean Flavor", which has been on sale for a limited time since 2016, is popular every year as a limited-time Happy Turn. It will be even more delicious this year.

We use domestic tea bean powder, which is a blend of sweet and fragrant Kurosaki tea beans from Niigata prefecture and rich Yamagata prefecture dada tea beans. The taste of eda beans and the sweetness of happy turn match, and the taste is finished. By multiplying two types of salt with different grain sizes, the taste is crisp and at the same time the sweetness of the eda beans is further enhanced.

In addition, we researched the "fragrance of freshly boiled eda beans" and pursued a taste closer to the real thing. After sprinkling the domestic tea bean powder that was born in this way, the oil containing the domestic tea bean powder is chased away to create a taste that allows you to enjoy the "freshly boiled" flavor of eda beans. I will.