Recipe "strawberry candy"

It can also be used to consume sour strawberries !? Here are three "strawberry recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. Cute pink "strawberry yogurt jelly" and lentin "strawberry candy".

・ Strawberry yogurt jelly
A recipe for "strawberry yogurt jelly " that makes it easy to make cute snacks.

Recipe "Strawberry yogurt jelly"

The pale pink jelly is very cute! The jelly is firm and firm, and you can enjoy its supple elasticity. If you don't crush the strawberries too much and leave a little lump of flesh, the texture will remain and it will be a good accent.

・ Strawberry candy
Let's make the hottest photogenic sweets at home! A recipe for "strawberry candy " that you can enjoy with lentin.

Recipe "strawberry candy"

The crispy candy is crunchy and the juicy strawberry juice spreads out from the inside. It looks like a jewel, glittering, and looks like a jewel! The crispy candy is more delicious, so the point is to get it fresh.

・ Handmade strawberry jam
Sprinkle the strawberries with sugar, wait carefully, and simmer in a pot! " Handmade strawberry jam " recipe.

Recipe "Handmade Strawberry Jam"

Strawberry jam stewed in Toro Toro is delicious because its sweetness and moderate acidity are condensed in a well-balanced manner! The flesh of bubble wrap remains firmly, and it has a natural taste. I'm very happy to apply plenty of butter and strawberry jam to the crispy toast and bite it!