Starbucks SAKURA series goods

From Starbucks, various goods of the SAKURA series will be released this year as well. The first one will be on sale from February 17th at stores (excluding some stores).

The image is "Sakura Breath" where you can feel the refreshing arrival of spring. It is an impressive design that looks up at the sky and takes a new step. Not only tumblers and mugs, but also SAKURA-patterned furoshiki and cotton gift bags are likely to play an active role this spring.

The lineup is as follows. Price does not include tax.

SAKURA2021 Magvertical gradation 355ml (12us fl oz) 2,000 yen
SAKURA2021 Organic cotton gift bag 350 yen
SAKURA2021 Stacking ceramic case 2,800 yen
SAKURA2021 Tumbler Pink Breath 355ml (12us fl oz) 1,800 yen
SAKURA2021 Stainless Bottle Gloss Flowers 350ml (11.83us fl oz) 4,000 yen
SAKURA2021 Stainless bottle color blocking 355ml (12us fl oz) 4,100 yen
SAKURA2021 Tumbler Blue Breath 473ml (15.99us fl oz) 1,900 yen
SAKURA2021 Stainless Bottle White Breath 355ml (12us fl oz) 3,600 Yen
SAKURA2021 Stainless tumbler pleats 473ml (15.99us fl oz) 4,200 yen
SAKURA2021 Bottle Silicone Lid Shiny Flowers 414ml (14us fl oz) 2,500 yen
SAKURA2021 Stainless TOGO Cup Tumbler Pink Breath 355ml (12us fl oz) 3,700 yen
SAKURA2021 Handy Stainless Bottle Erial 500ml (16.91us fl oz) 4,500 Yen
SAKURA2021 Heat resistant glass pink 296ml (10.01us fl oz) 2,500 yen
SAKURA2021 Mug White Breath 355ml (12us fl oz) 2,000 yen
SAKURA2021 Stainless Mug Pink Breath 414ml (14us fl oz) 3,000 yen
SAKURA2021 FUROSHIKI 2,000 yen
SAKURA2021 Starbucks Mini Cup Gift 950 Yen
SAKURA2021 Starbucks Campus Ring Notebook Pink / White 480 yen each
SAKURA2021 Beverage Card White Breath 620 yen
SAKURA2021 Beverage Card Erial 620 yen

* SAKURA2021 Organic Cotton Gift Bag is a paid gift bag and cannot be purchased separately.