Doutor "Thank you day"

Doutor Coffee Shop's "Thank You Day" will be held on February 26th and 27th. You can buy coffee beans 10% cheaper than usual.

An annual campaign that is held as a daily gratitude to Doutor users. We have coffee beans carefully roasted at our own factory, drip cafe and liquid coffee where you can easily enjoy coffee, various extraction equipment and consumables.

At the store, coffee beans are ground according to the extraction equipment that you usually use, and coffee beans that suit your taste are introduced. If you talk to the staff, it will be dealt with.

However, some gifts and other items are not eligible for the campaign. In addition, the product lineup varies depending on the store. You will be instructed to ask the store you are using regarding the handling contents.

It can also be used in combination with regular discounts. Buying 2 bags of coffee beans (200g (7.05oz)) is 4% cheaper, and buying 3 bags in bulk is 6% cheaper. In addition to this, points can be redeemed for items purchased on Thanksgiving Day.