Pasco "Uji Matcha Baum of Domestic Wheat" "Frank & Basil with Whole Wheat Flour"

From the "Domestic Wheat" series of Pasco Shikishima, "Uji Matcha Baum of Domestic Wheat" and "Frank & Basil with Whole Wheat Flour" are now available. From March 1st, it will be sold in the Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu areas (Kyushu area only sells "Frank & Basil with whole wheat flour").

"Domestic Wheat Uji Matcha Baum" is a moist Baumkuchen baked using 100% domestic wheat flour. Uji Matcha, a popular brand with a high fragrance, is used for Matcha. You can enjoy the flavor and taste of Uji matcha kneaded into the baum dough.

Pasco "Uji Matcha Baum of Domestic Wheat"

On the other hand, "Frank & Basil with whole grain domestic wheat" is a dough made from domestic wheat flour and whole grain flour with thick frankfurter sausage on top. It matches with basil mayo sauce, and you can feel the taste, aroma, and texture of wheat, which is recommended for breakfast and lunch.

Pasco "Frank & Basil with whole wheat flour"

Pasco has been working on the development of domestic wheat bread for many years with the aim of contributing to the improvement of food self-sufficiency. By selecting and blending the most suitable varieties of various domestic wheat cultivated in various parts of Japan and using them widely, we want you to bring out the characteristics and deliciousness of each product and to know more about the "deliciousness of domestic wheat". With this in mind, a wide variety of lineups are being developed.