Doutor "Sakura I" "Sakura Matcha I"

"Spring Fair" will be held from February 26th at each Doutor Coffee store. A colorful new menu using "Sakura" and "Matcha" and the popular spring limited coffee "Premium Roast Coffee Sakura" are now available. All products can be taken home (except some stores).

● "Sakura" drink
Doutor "Sakura I" "Sakura Matcha I"

"Sakura I" is a drink inspired by the "spring cherry blossoms" that bloom in the blue sky. It is finished by combining milk with a slightly salty cherry sauce containing cherry blossom paste and topping with whipped cream, cherry sauce, and matcha powder.

At the same time, "Sakura Matcha Ore", which is a Uji matcha base topped with whipped cream, cherry sauce, and matcha powder, will be prepared. Both "Sakura Ore" and "Sakura Matcha Ore" are M size only, and the price is 450 yen for eat-in and 442 yen for To go (tax included, same below).

In addition, you can enjoy "warabimochi" toppings, which are limited to iced drinks and have a smooth and chewy texture. "Sakura Ore Warabimochi" and "Sakura Matcha Ore Warabimochi" are both eat-in 480 yen and To go 471 yen. M size only.

Doutor "Sakura Ore Warabimochi" "Sakura Matcha Ore Warabimochi"

● Sweets
"Mille crêpes of Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture" is a milk rape with Uji matcha whipped cream and Hokkaido Dainagon azuki beans kanoko beans sandwiched between crepe dough using Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture. You can enjoy the faint bitterness and aroma of matcha and the soft texture of Kanoko beans. The green like fresh green is also vivid in appearance. The price is 420 yen for eat-in and 412 yen for To go.

Doutor "Mille crêpes of Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture"

"Sakura Castella-Salted Sakura Leaves-" is a baked confectionery that feels like spring, made with the idea of pairing with coffee. The salted cherry leaves are finely chopped into a moist castella. The sweetness of the castella and the saltiness of the cherry leaves are well-balanced, and you can enjoy a rich flavor. The price is 150 yen for eat-in and 147 yen for To go. Only To go can be purchased for 620 yen per box (5 pieces).

Doutor "Sakura Castella-Salted Sakura Leaves-"

● Premium Roast Coffee Sakura
Doutor "Premium Roast Coffee Sakura"

Limited quantity of "Coffee to enjoy spring". Ethiopian coffee, which is characterized by its fruity and floral flavor, is mainly roasted while smoking with cherry chips, and cherry powder made from double cherry blossoms and Oshima cherry blossom leaves is combined. A gentle sweetness with a fluffy scent of gorgeous cherry blossoms. In black, of course, adding sugar makes the scent even more vivid. Roasting is medium roast, the price is coffee powder (200g (7.05oz)) 980 yen, drip cafe (5 packs) 480 yen.