Comma tea "comma Sakura Peach Latte" Spring Limited

The new product "comma Sakura Peach Latte" will be released on February 15th at the comma tea and comma TOGO stores of the tea company. M size 650 yen, S size 600 yen (excluding tax). Nata de coco or tapioca topping. -70 yen without toppings. -50 yen without whipped cream.

The new spring-only drink "comma Sakura Peach Latte" is a soft, gentle, slightly sweet and fruity peach base combined with pink strawberry milk. The cream is topped with a pink crepe dough with cherry blossom petals. Imagine a cherry blossom in full bloom in spring. A cute drink that feels spring.

The stores that handle it are as follows.

comma tea Ikebukuro Parco store, comma TOGO Shibuya Parco store, comma TOGO Mukogaoka Amusement Park store, comma tea Yokohama Joinus store, comma tea Ekia Kitasenju store, comma tea TOGO Shibuya MIYASHITA PARK store, comma tea Minatomirai Colette Mare store, comma TOGO Sendai Parco shop.