Ginza Renoir "Atelier Pair Set"
(* The source of the image is Ginza Renoir official online store "Atelier")

It was announced on the official website that Ginza Renoir will sell an assortment of coffee and cups, "Atelier Pair Set". You can purchase it at the official online store "Atelier". You can purchase it from February 10th at the official online store "Atelier".

For Valentine's Day and White Day, various coffees are combined with a pair of cups and saucers, two free all-drink tickets that can be used at all Ginza Renoir stores, and a postcard set associated with the birthday of painter Auguste Renoir. I will come.

You can choose from multiple types bearing the name of each chain of Ginza Renoir, such as "RUN DA COFFEE", "Miyama Coffee" and "NEW YORKER'S Cafe". The selling price is as follows. The notation is tax-included, and the shipping fee setting differs depending on the set.

・ RUNOA COFFEE Specialty Coffee Cup & Saucer Pair Set 3,980 yen
・ RUNOA COFFEE blended coffee cup & saucer pair set 3,980 yen ・ RUNOA COFFEE American coffee mug pair set 3,280 yen ・ Miyama coffee tar mug pair set 6,980 yen ・ Miyama coffee blend cup pair set 1,980 yen ・ NEW YORKER'S Cafe Set 1,780 yen