Cafe Comsa "" Koi Minori "Strawberry and Mango Cake"

From Cafe Comsa, "" Koi Minori "Strawberry and Mango Cake" will be released after White Day on March 14th. A cute heart-shaped cake limited to White Day where you can enjoy seasonal fruits is a perfect gift for your loved ones.

The "Koi Minori" selected by the pastry chef is a beautiful red color with a good luster and a moderate sweetness and acidity. "Koi Minori Strawberry and Mango Cake" is decorated with fromage blanc base with sweet mango that melts with "Koi Minori". The refreshing mango mousse and fromage go great together. The cake, which is decorated with sweet and sour seasonal strawberries and rich mango, is a design paired with the Valentine's limited cake that is being sold until February 14.

The size is 12 cm in diameter (for 2 people). The price is 3,700 yen (tax included). The reservation period is from February 12th to March 11th. The pick-up period is from March 12th to March 14th.

Over-the-counter cakes can be eaten in the store or taken out. The price is 980 yen (tax included) per piece. The deployment period is from February 15th to March 14th.

Cafe Comsa "" Koi Minori "Strawberry and Mango Cake"

* Not available at Kyo Cafe Comsa / Shibuya Seibu store.
* The varieties, prices, and designs used may differ depending on the availability of fruits and the store.
* Reservations can be made at the store or by phone at each store.