Morinaga & Co., Ltd. "Punishari Hi-Chew Assortment"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Morinaga & Co.'s new product "Punishari Hi-Chew Assort" will be released on February 16th from the "Hi-Chew" series of soft candy, which is characterized by its soft bite and comfortable chewy texture. The content is 68g (2.4oz) and the price is open.

"Punishari Hi-Chew Assortment" is the first new product in the history of "Hi-Chew" that contains gummy candy with a Punipuni texture. Not only the texture of gummy candies, but also the texture of the central part is crispy, and you can enjoy the mixture of Punipuni and crispy in the characteristic chewy texture of "Hi-Chew".

The taste is different from the fruit flavors so far, and the flavors of cola, soda, grape soda and refreshing carbonated drinks are assorted in one bag.

Expected new work "Punishari Hi-Chew Assort" that seems to enjoy a unique texture. If you are a "Hi-Chew" fan, this is a must-try item. Don't forget to check it out.