"Jagarico Happy Bata-bits" Convenience store only

From the bite-sized and easy-to-eat "Jagarico bits" series, a new product "Jagarico Happiness Bata-bits" that you can enjoy a slightly sweet and sour taste based on four ingredients will be released at convenience stores from February 15th. Will be done. Limited time offer (scheduled to be sold out in mid-June 2021).

"Jagarico bits" is a bite-sized stick shape shorter than the usual "Jagarico", and is a popular series that has been on sale since 2019 (currently "Jagarico Salad bits" is on sale). The package has a zipper that is easy to put on the desk and easy to carry, and it is a stand pack package that can be reclosed, so you can enjoy an appropriate amount of "Jagarico" whenever you like.

The new flavor of the series is "Happy Bata", which is very popular for potato chips that combine the four ingredients of "butter," "honey," "parsley," and "mascarpone cheese." It is finished in a slightly sweet and sour taste based on four materials.

The package design is a design that makes it easy to recall the taste by studding the clover illustrations with the image of "happiness" in the background and arranging the four materials in prominent positions.