KKD x Minion "Banana Milk Bob" "Caramel Chocolate Tim"

At each Krispy Kreme Donut store, two limited edition donuts and one drink in collaboration with the popular character "Minion" will be released on March 1st. Scheduled to be sold until mid-May (finished as soon as it runs out).

"Banana Milk Bob" transforms a donut with banana milk cream, which Minions love, into a sweet bob! A cute smile is drawn with bitter and white chocolate on the pudding-flavored chocolate coating. The price is 378 yen and eat-in 385 yen (tax included, same below).

KKD x Minion "Banana Milk Bob"

"Caramel chocolate Tim" is a donut with the motif of Bob's stuffed bear "Tim". Donuts with smooth chocolate cream are coated with caramel chocolate. The nose is coffee chocolate, the tongue that sticks out is strawberry chocolate, and the ears are milk chocolate. The price is 378 yen and eat-in 385 yen.

KKD x Minion "Caramel Chocolate Tim"

"Crispy Frozen Banana Milk Minion" is a frozen drink made by mixing milk with a banana sauce containing pulp using fresh bananas. Fluffy whipped cream and chocolate sauce enhance the banana flavor. The price is 637 yen and eat-in 649 yen.

KKD x Minion "Crispy Frozen Banana Milk Minion"

"Dozen Set Minion" is a total of 5 types of assortment, including "Banana Milk Bob" and "Banana Milk Bob", as well as colorful "Pudding Chocolate Sprinkles", "Chocolate Chocolate" and "Original Glazed". The price is 2,160 yen and eat-in is 2,200 yen.

KKD x Minion "Dozen Set Minion"

The 6-piece "Dozen Half Set Minion" costs 1,447 yen and eat-in 1,474 yen. The "box set minion" with 3 pieces is 961 yen and eat-in 979 yen.

KKD x Minion "Dozen Half Set Minion"

* Minion donuts are sold up to 4 in total, 2 types per account.
* Not sold at some stores and event / special event stores.

A collaboration shop will open at the Shibuya Cine Tower store and Kita Shinsaibashi store for a limited time from March 1st to May 11th (scheduled).

Minion collaboration KKD Shibuya Cine Tower store