Hisashi Toda of Morioka cold noodles "Tomato cold noodles"

"Tomato cold noodles" will be released on March 1st from Morioka cold noodles Hisashi Toda. It features noodles with a firm texture and a refreshing soup with a tomato flavor.

The selling price is 410 yen (tax included). It was made as a sister product of Morioka Reimen noodles by Hisashi Toda, as a menu for spring and summer. It is handled nationwide.

Hisashi Toda's original thin noodles are included in one package for two servings. It has a strong elasticity and a good texture, and has the same firm texture as Morioka Reimen, making it difficult to stretch even after boiling.

Hisashi Toda of Morioka cold noodles "Tomato cold noodles"

The soup is based on tomato juice and tomato puree, with the sweetness of apple juice and the acidity of lemon juice added. It also contains spices such as coriander and chili peppers, but it is said that it is suitable for children and people who are not good at spiciness because it suppresses spiciness.

You can easily cook it in 1 minute, and you can enjoy it like a salad with your favorite vegetables. The tomatoes introduced as cooking examples are cherry tomatoes, basil, and Italian parsley. It can be stored for a long time at room temperature (best-by date 100 days).