Illy Cafe "Dolce Presso Strawberry & White Chocolate"

New spring menus "Dolce Presso Strawberry & White Chocolate" and "Pancake Burger Strawberry Espresso" will be on sale from February 24th at each Illy Cafe store.

"Dolce Presso Strawberry & White Chocolate" is a double espresso latte with white chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream of strawberry & white chocolate and thinly shaved white chocolate. A dessert-type drink that matches the taste of strawberry and white chocolate with the powerful and fragrant espresso.

Illy Cafe "Dolce Presso Strawberry & White Chocolate"
Dolce Presso Strawberry & White Chocolate

"Pancake Burger Strawberry Espresso" is a burger-type pancake that is irresistible to the sweet tooth, with a special espresso cream that is a mixture of illy espresso and mascarpone cream, and fresh strawberries sandwiched between saffle pancakes. Finished in a burger type, it is easy to eat and convenient to take home.

Illy Cafe "Pancake Burger Strawberry Espresso"
Pancake Burger Strawberry Espresso

Illy Cafe is a cafe chain developed by PRONTO Corporation. As a "social place closely related to daily life," high-quality coffee using carefully selected beans brewed by baristas is offered. At night, the "Aperitivo Time", which is indispensable for Italian bar, is also fulfilling.