Burger King "Explosion Campaign"

"Bakutoku Campaign" will be held at each Burger King store. Limited to 2 weeks from February 12th to February 25th, from 14:00 each day.

The first is a campaign where you can enjoy Burger King's signature product "Wapper Jr." at a great price. The regular price is 360 yen, but it is sold at half price of 180 yen. The period is from February 12th to 18th.

"Wapper Jr." is a product that you can enjoy the delicious taste of Burger King's royal road, with 100% beef patty grilled on an open fire, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles with flavor accents seasoned with creamy mayonnaise and ketchup.

The second is to order "Quatro Cheese Wapper Jr." and "Bacon Cheese Wapper Jr.", and a campaign will be held in which the second product will be offered free of charge. The period is from February 19th to 25th.

* Sales from 14:00 each day * Sales time may vary depending on the store * Half price of the first item is up to 5 per account * Pickup order, self-order terminal, delivery are not applicable * Customization is not accepted (allergies, etc.) To remove ingredients by, accept as before)
* Some stores are not available * All prices include tax