Deep-fried snack "Crispy chicken"

Futako Shokutori sells "Karito Chikin," a fried snack that you can eat while frozen. It comes in 38g (1.34oz) and costs 270 yen (tax included). Shops include Kagoshima Tabi no Eki Masaru Castle, Kagoshima Airport, Kagoshima Central Station, Expressway Service Area Shops, and convenience stores.

"Crispy chicken" is a fried snack that can be eaten frozen. The texture is interesting, and it is finished in a cool texture that makes it crispy and crispy. The ingredients used are carefully selected chickens from South Kyushu. The craftsman also put the special sauce on his arm to complete the one and only spicy sauce. Of course, it is a secret sauce that uses black vinegar, black sake, salt, and brown sugar from Kagoshima prefecture.

We are particular about the time and temperature of frying, and the deep-fried chicken meat and the secret sauce are entwined to condense the flavor, and the chicken meat has a crunchy texture that you can't think of as chicken.

・ The reason why "Crispy chicken" was born
The reason is that we want you to make fried chicken that you can easily eat as a snack while it is frozen. The production started with the passion of the owner, "Where does our company, which is a pioneer of chickens, make it?" At that time, we launched a new brand, "Chicken Fire Studio," which we have cultivated so far, specializing in chicken production, and gathered chicken specialists to produce "Crispy Chikin." As a result of repeated trial and error, the development period took as long as two years.